Congregational Development

@ The Diocese of Southeast Florida 

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Is your parish searching for 

Transformational Change?

~Discover six things that vital, effective, growing

 Episcopal churches are doing ~

Church climate is more critical to the mission of a church than programs, projects, positions or personal abilities.  It’s not everything, but it is fair to say that much of what pastors, lay leaders, and members want their churches to be is found in churches with positive climates.

What is the climate of your parish?

All are invited to join us as we engage in a process of spiritual discernment led by Russell Crabtree and Crow’s Feet Consulting.  It will be a transformative experience that generates hope using data and truth to present a narrative a congregation can hear, understand & help lead them to transformation.

This workshop will build on what was shared at the clergy conference.  

Saturday, November 17th 10:00am-3:00pm

@ Holy Family Episcopal Church

FREE and open to all-lunch is included

Examine each step using Biblical images, metaphors & data demonstrating their importance and learn practical tools to achieve, experience and connect to Diocesan Resources.  All taught within a context of prayer and music

with stories of hope!

We take the Episcopal Church’s motto to heart, “You Are Welcome Here!”

Congregational Development 

@ The Diocese of Southeast Florida 

looks forward to helping support you and your congregation as  you enhance the lives of your parish and your community.

The Office of Congregational Development…….

  • Offers training sessions on Saturday-deanery specific
  • Supports parishes with a spiritual teaching retreat
  • Nurtures growth within your specific parish
  • Provides fun networking opportunities
  • Builds relationships & partnerships throughout the diocese

Congregational development involves discovering the gifts already existing within the congregation and the needs in the community and bringing these two together in order to more fully make the transforming love of Jesus Christ known to all people.


The opportunities offered by 

Congregational Development are provided at 

no cost to the parish and are open to all, this includes all clergy & laity.